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The great thing about having a seaplane is being able to drop in on people without all the problems of parking.

And that’s exactly what this pilot did at Lincoln Park Beach, West Seattle. After landing on the Sound he taxied up to the shore and parked briefly for a rendezvous…

…before taking off again.

It looks like a hazardous business, and I’m sure there are a gazillion rules to follow, but you have to admit it’s a stylish way to make an entry – and an exit.


fish eagleThis morning the osprey was back and perched atop the mast of a yacht moored right outside the house in West Seattle.

On the shoreline, ravens were pulling at washed up kelp and seaweed and finding plenty of tasty morsels to eat.

The local heron also flopped into view but took off shortly after one of the neighbours took her daily dip in Puget Sound. Brrrrr!