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Over at the Online Journalism Review there’s an interesting post by Robert Niles on attempts to codify the language of Twitter to extract value from the morass of information.

As anyone knows who’s tried to use Twitter when news is breaking the good stuff often gets masked by misinformation, speculation and mis-steps in the chronology.

Jeff Jarvis has suggested a change to the hashtag convention so that witnesses to events could be separated out from those merely talking about them. He gives the example of !jpquake for witnesses v #jpquake for discussion.

Niles argues that it’s in the interests of news organisations to improve Twitter protocols and it’s time to start promoting the idea more widely as well as thinking about ways to elevate the standing of top sources in the microblogging community.


AOL’s hyperlocal news experiment – Patch – has partnered with 13 journalism schools in the US in an arrangement which sees students work under the guidance of professional editors while at the same time earning academic credits.

The devil’s in the detail of course: it’s either a brilliantly inventive way of mentoring young journalists with on-the-job training, or cynically exploitative of a green but eager pool of workers.

As an indentured trainee with Berrows Newspapers in the days of em rules and hot metal my training was a mix of classroom work – shorthand, law, public administration – and out-and-about reporting with an experienced old-timer.

Being able to watch someone do a “death knock”, or strike up conversations with people from all walks of life, was as valuable as anything I learned in more formal settings.

Guiding lights on the Patch advisory board are Phil Meyer and Jeff Jarvis.