Seattle portal to a little piece of paradise

The Japanese Garden that sits within Seattle’s8694056943_3e1ede8f88_z Arboretum is full of symbolism but it’s easy to find pleasure in its carefully manicured grounds without understanding what it all means.

This is a world of rivers, forests and mountains condensed into a site of a little over three acres where man’s mastery over nature creates a sense of serenity through careful planting and stylized vistas.

The island pines represent cranes and are symbols of longevity as are the turtles that lounge on the rocks or float with necks stretched out of the water as if to catch the sun’s rays.

Elegant bridges, gates and boulders show harmony between man and nature but it’s clear who has the upper hand in this world. You’ll struggle to find a weed on the moss-covered slopes and the trees are carefully pruned and shaped to meet an ideal of aesthetic perfection.

This is a place that’s instantly soothing, a place set apart from the harsher world beyond. The subtle planting with its multiple shades of green calm the mind and invite visitors to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Maintaining this level of perfection is anything but tranquil of course, it takes a lot of hard work. But it can be yours for a few hours and a few dollars without you having to lift a finger. And for that kind of serenity it seems cheap at the price.


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