49ers fan gatecrashes Seattle’s Super Bowl party

On this special day he was the only person clad in red and gold out of  hundreds of thousands of people on the streets.

Wearing just a broad smile and his colors with pride, this 49ers fan took it upon himself to walk along 4th Avenue to Century Link Field – the route of the  Seahawks’ Super Bowl homecoming parade.

Estimates put the number of Hawks fans at 700,000 so it took some nerve to run the gauntlet of the massed ranks of 12s lining the road in their green and blue.

There was a loud chorus of booing and jeering, as you might expect, but it was all good natured – unlike the sort of hostility rival fans would encounter at a soccer match in the UK, where I come from.

Who is this fan? Did he do it for a dare? Was this the consequence of losing a bet? I’ve no idea, but it’d be great to find out who he is and the back story behind his moment in the spotlight. You have to admire his brass neck and bravery. That said, on such a freezing cold day, the short sleeves can only be described as foolhardy.


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