Photojournalism gets a funding boost on

emphas.isFour of the nine projects at the Beta crowd-funded photojournalism site,, have reached their funding goals, attracting pledges of more than $40,000 between them.

It’s an impressive start for a site that only launched back in March but it’s too early to say whether the model will successfully grow and lift the gloom that pervades the world of professional news photography.

The successful four are:
1 Matt Eich’s project in the American South on the inheritance of slavery and how it continues to impact generations of people growing up in the US.

2 Kadir van Lohuizen who wants to investigate the roots of migration in The Americas by traveling from the very south of Chile to the very north of Alaska, covering 15 countries along the Pan-American Highway.

3 Carolyn Drake on China’s policy to develop its western frontier which has sent millions of loyal Han Chinese into Xinjiang, home to about 10 million Uyghurs. She plans to return to Xinjiang to photograph the changes in the physical and cultural landscape of the Uyghurs.

4 Tomas van Houtryve’s return to Laos to continue his series on communism, asking how has the Communist Party survived in Laos against the tide of history and why are Hmong groups who collaborated with the US during the Vietnam War still being persecuted?


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