CNN pushes ahead with TV everywhere

One of the few significant announcements from Austin was the launch this summer by CNN of a service that will let viewers move seamlessly between mobile, computer and internet-connected TV when watching video.

If, for example, you started watching something on your smartphone and switched to the TV, tablet or computer screen the video would pick up from where you left off on the mobile.

The integration also allows video to be stacked and ported around, so a queue build on a connected TV would also be available on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Bandwidth, as ever, is the Achilles Heel of roaming, but streams are encoded at variable bit-rates to cope if conditions are less than optimal.

CNN has also forged a couple of partnerships to bolster its iReport citizen journalism initiative. Links with Apple mean that it’ll be straightforward to upload direct from iMovie to iReport and a tie-in with Gowalla brings the marginally appealing bounty of badges for contributors.

Most significant of all is a move to integrate iReport and CNN journalists’ work in a Twitter-type content chronology with overlays on maps.


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  1. Now that Time Warner’s “TV Everywhere” has crashed, and they have thus reduced the number of available channels from 32 to 15, it might be time to go back and check out DISH network, the original providers of TV Everywhere. I work for DISH and got to try this app out, and it works extremely well. Not only does it work on a bunch of different devices (iPad, laptop, Tablet, Smartphone), it doesn’t limit your range or channel selection. Anywhere there is a 3G cell signal or Wi-Fi, you can watch ALL of your live channels, manage and view DVR content and catch thousands of on-demand titles. Other companies are slowly developing their product, but DISH is up and running as the leader of TV Everywhere. Check out the comparisons and details at!

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