ABC enhances Oscars show with second screen coverage

oscarsFor the past few days I’ve been watching the clock count down on ABC’s Oscars Backstage Pass app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod, with the promise that Sunday’s event will be “the most interactive Oscars ever.”

Billed as “the ultimate insider’s view of Hollywood’s biggest night“, it incorporates second screen viewing options by adding live camera streams controlled by the user and accessible while the broadcast plays out.

For UK audiences used to red button options or Sky’s tracker cam with alternate commentaries, it’s maybe not so new but it is evidence of a major broadcaster incorporating options for secondary activity and acknowledgement that giving more choice and control is a good thing.

Once the show is over you’re invited to go to the governor’s ball for “after party action”, though watching live as statues are engraved with winners’ names comes under Paint Drying Cam as far I’m concerned.

It’ll be interesting to see how social media is incorporated into the mix, if at all, since there’s no hint of that in the promo. Sharing the experience in a bigger conversation through everyone’s snarky comments, humour and opinion is often the best part.


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