On Satarii – the gadget that keeps you full frame

satarii Take two product design guys in California, add a garage and an idea and you have Satarii – a start-up operation behind a mobile accessory for solo video shoots.

With your smartphone lodged in its pocket-sized docking station, you don a small tracking device and as you move about the dock swivels on its base and follows you.

The motorized unit works over a range of eight metres and keeps you in the image frame across a 180-degree span.

The system is designed for the iPhone4 and the latest video-enabled iPod Touch, but an accessory is promised to provide a standard tripod mount so its potential is opened up to many more devices.

The product is a long-way short of production. As I write, they are seeking funding on the IndieGoGo site having raised $15,714 of a target $20,000 with 35 days remaining to fulfil their goal so it clearly needs some manufacturer muscle and investor buy-in to move it out of the hobby project area.

It could well find a niche and Peter Nowak’s “shameful trinity of desires” comes to mind – but I’ll leave you to figure out which of three it might best serve.


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