Spectrum availability clouds the future of mobile

Marconi station at WellfleetMobile spectrum availability is the oily rag conversation no-one wants to have when there’s a new car outside waiting to be driven.

But demand already outstrips networks’ ability to supply and every smartphone or tablet sold is competing for space in a bandwidth traffic jam.

In the US, the Federal Communications Commission expects mobile broadband demand to rise by 35 times today’s level by 2014 and has started talks on potential policy solutions

In the UK lack of bandwidth is already acting as a brake of provision of future services.

The Internet of Things in which billions of objects are interconnected is all very well but most people just want a service without blindspots or severely limited data speeds.

Next generation LTE and 4G services will help, but according to O2’s head of radio engineering Andy Conway: “We’re looking at years rather than months”.

Ofcom will be auctioning additional spectrum next year.

How the Government handles next generation infrastructure needs will be key to the UK’s future prosperity because in a knowledge economy wealth creation is inexorably tied to fast connectivity.


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