AP puts new focus on mobile news

AP logoAP chief executive Tom Curley has signalled a change in the agency’s mobile strategy to meet the challenge of “a new golden age for the development of new products”.

There would be more touch screens than front pages by 2012, he told the Southern Newspapers Publishers Association in Austin, Texas, as he anticipated a period of explosive growth, .

“That shift to mobile and easy-to-use touch screen devices will transform the market we’ve been operating in.

“A one-dimensional, Web-based marketplace will be supplanted by a multi-dimensional, multi-platform opportunity. We’ll be moving well beyond websites, search results pages and RSS feeds.”

Curley said AP’s mobile strategy would morph away from simple repurposing of traditional wire feeds toward the creation of new experiences, handcrafted by the expert journalists.

“By early next year, we expect to launch new applications in the mobile and tablet markets that will offer consumers fresh perspectives on the day’s top stories and take them behind the scenes with our experts.”

The full text of Curley’s speech is here


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