Journalism beta Storyful curates the world

logoI’ve been using a Beta site called Storyful for the past couple of weeks after being attracted by the notion of skilful journalistic curation of big stories in real time.

The team collates reports, pictures, video and comment from multiple sources – some traditional news content, some UGC material – and incorporates social network elements to build stories with a range of perspectives.

The journalists behind it say Storyful: “Separates streams of useful news from a river of useless noise. We discover the authentic voices and primary sources on the big stories.”

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s useful, interesting, and novel though I can’t vouch for the rigour of their verification of sources.

Watching a story being built in real-time using the best of the web is fun and, more importantly, opens the door to deeper engagement.

Last week while reading about the Pakistan drone strikes it led me to this fascinating insight into the life of a drone “pilot”

The video is nearly 11’ long but if you join around the 8’ 50“ mark you’ll hear an airman say: “The thing I enjoy most about the job is knowing what’s going to be in the paper the next day and, when I read about it, knowing I was involved.”

This is a view of the future of modern warfare, fought thousands of miles from the battlefront and from what looks like a converted freight container. Incredible.


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