Talon spotting at Fauntleroy

fish eagleThey say it’s the early bird that catches the worm, but in this case I think it was an eagle that scooped a fish out of the water by West Seattle’s Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal.

It was just after 6.30am and I was outside admiring the view from our beachside accommodation when I saw a heron at the water’s edge.

As I focused in on the heron I heard a splash and my first thought was that someone had thrown a rock in the water. As I turned to see what had caused the noise I saw the bird fly off with a large, still wriggling, fish in its talons.

Shortly after, on a stroll through Lincoln Park, I had a close encounter with a squirrel and got a glimpse of a spotted woodpecker. There aren’t many cities that could produce that kind of variety on a short morning stroll.


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