Gehry’s EMP “eyesore” is a Seattle gem

How is it possible that the Experience Music Project is even in King5’s nomination list for western Washington’s biggest public eyesore, never mind running second to the Alaskan Way Viaduct?

We know a thing or two about monstrous carbuncles here in London, just ask Prince Charles. In fact, it’s said that architects and planners inflicted more damage on the capital than was ever managed by the Luftwaffe.

Far from being an eyesore, Frank Gehry’s EMP is one of Seattle’s finest buildings – inside and out.

And Seattleites should put up a statue to Paul Allen for founding such a fabulous home for Jimi Hendrix’s memorabilia, right down to the purple haze on the building.

If you decide really don’t want it, I’m sure our Mayor Boris Johnson would be happy to take it off your hands.

For what it’s worth my nomination would be for the downtown stretch of I-5. Now if you were to dig it up, flood it and import some gondolas from Venice think how much better your morning commute might be.


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