A slightly fishy story

king salmonI’d only been in Seattle/Tacoma a few hours when I landed this magnificent wild Pacific king salmon.

OK,when I say landed that’s a bit of a fisherman’s yarn, not to say an outright fib.

This 26lb beauty was actually caught by my host, Chris, on Friday morning in the waters off Sitka, Alaska.

By Friday evening it had been expertly filleted by him and made ready for a barbecue he’s holding later today.

Chris spent many years working at Pure Foods Fish in Pike Place Market so watching him prep the salmon was an education.

fish headIn London, wild fish of this quality are snapped up by the high-end restaurants so you never see anything but farmed salmon at the local fishmonger But if you did want to buy one… well, let’s just say, you’d need very deep pockets.

Chris now works as a fish buyer for a major supermarket group where he’s known as The Fish Guy.

I think he’s also pretty handy at the coals and that, plus the fine weather forecast, should make for a perfect day.


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