Kick back and enjoy the flight

beach viewIt’s Friday the 13th (yikes) and we’re just doing final checks before heading out to the airport.

Fingers crossed we’ll be touching down at Sea-Tac early this evening. The flight’s around 10 hours but when you factor in the time it takes to get to the airport and the required couple of hours to get processed it makes for a long day.

We’re travelling cattle class, but it doesn’t do to complain too much. Last year we visited Fort Nisqually in Point Defiance Park. Those first settlers really had it tough!

Imagine making a hazardous, months-long sea voyage and then having to build your accommodation when you arrive. Kind of puts things in perspective.

Then again…they didn’t have to put up with small children kicking the back of their seat. I guess the answer is to kick back and enjoy the flight.



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