All the news that’s fit to print – filtered

There are now any number of sites curating content in interesting ways – by peer group or social network for instance – and for the most part it’s done by automated programs.

The latest to come to my attention – Mediagazer – combines automated aggregation with selections by “knowledgable editors” to create “the day’s must-read media news on a single page”.

For sheer pizzazz it doesn’t come near The Daily Beast but it does offer a number of cuts of its content including a chronology, versions for smartphones and simpler mobiles, and by top sources.

For serendipitous discovery of interesting content it beats the Beast hands down.

The Google sewage factory in action

The story behind the Wikileaks log

How Max headroom predicted the demise of TV journalism

Current big brand websites are going to have to devote a lot more time and energy to intelligent curation within their pages to add value to what they do.



  1. This is pretty interesting for local news organizations too. Lots of folks were trying things about a year ago… But have you seen It’s covering Seattle by aggregating tons of local bloggers… Difference is I don’t think they are as excellent as techmeme/mediagazer…

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