Gandhi’s pause for thought

The poster below, at White City Tube station on the Central Line, West London, provided an interesting counterpoint to my day and set me thinking about the increasing velocity of information that swirls around us.

I’d been focused on the future of news and how mobiles would fundamentally change our media consumption habits. Real-time data, augmented reality, location and context will deliver a swifter, richer and more relevant stream of material than has ever been possible before.

But the changes the technology sets in train will go far beyond the delivery of quicker, more personalised news.

Real-time data will see real-time pricing as the laws of supply and demand come into play at macro level in all our lives. When the bar is crowded, prices go up. Want fast-lane checkout service? Then pay more. Need a cab right now? It’ll cost extra.

Time is the most precious commodity and convenience will come at a premium. How much do you value your time? And is this how we want to live?


One comment

  1. I consistently tend to contemplate a smidge harder about all sorts of stuff right after I read someone new’s web site and their own opinions. This and some other posts on your website here certainly provide some food for thought. Surprisingly, Bing led me to this weblog when I was working on weight loss and wellness related research. Happy that I stuck around and most definitely I’ll be certain to add this site to my RSS reader in order to keep tabs in the future. Thanks again!

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